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This week @ NC

For all sports schedules & happenings at NC this week, visit the 4A Conference Schedule

Game Reminders

It's easy to get up-to-date NCHS sports schedules on your calendar by visiting the 4A Conference schedule site. To the right you'll see a gray menu (Look for the 'eye' icon). Click that & a dropdown will appear with sport & activity options. Select the schedule(s) you want. Then click "View" at the bottom of the menu & a window will pop up with that sport's schedule. In the upper right of the pop-up window you'll see the option to "Subscribe." Click that to pull up yet another pop-up window giving you options for calendar types (Google, iCal, etc.). Click your phone calendar's icon & another pop-up will provide a link to "Subscribe" to the calendar for that sport/activity. Once you've subscribed, you may see options to change the calendar name, location, alerts & how often you to refresh (choose "daily"). Make your selections and save. (Don't forget to enable pop-ups)


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